The Fall: 03

five more minutes.......


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welcome new readers! a million thanks to smackjeeves for giving starfell a spotlight feature!!

and thanks everyone for all the comments!!! they all mean the world to me and im so excited you love fell!!

see you tuesday!
HopeDoodles, February 16th, 2017, 11:02 pm Reply

@HopeDoodles, will Fell be able to speak now?
@Guest: if you make a wish with a pure heart~
@HopeDoodles: ooooohhh so is this a comic when the character doesn't speak until the very end when they make an inspirational speech, or a wish?
eyy this is neato! i really like your use of color
Is so cute!!! I'm discover this just now and I can say that your work is impeccable in the combination of colours and the scenes. You're awesome.

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