The Fall: 01



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starting tuesday~

(title page inspired by ww denslow's opening illustration in l. frank baum's the wonderful wizard of oz)
HopeDoodles, February 10th, 2017, 12:50 am Reply

?? will fell be able to talk now?
hey yes i want to know that too
Oooh, pretty new title page (for the chapter, anyway). Can't wait for the chapter to start!
@HopeDoodles:this is awsome so cute i really love it,say can i donate?
can i
Holy waffles. I love your art style! It is so kawaii!!
this is so facking adorable more pls so kawaii
Well that was quite the fun read. It all seems very magical. Thanks for making.

Btw, i cant find the smackajeeves favorite button.

EDIT:Figured out you can fav it from the smackajeeves comic profile.

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